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Pairing Whore Penguins

(Mostly) Fandom-related things I've been doing today

I updated my list of SS/HG fan works, now my list of SS/HG & SSHG Fan Works, to include not only pairing-centric and implied-pairing fic, but also gen fic. So far, that's a list of one story because, after reading a certain play, I realized that I'd written an SSHG story involving a Time-Turner in 2011 for hogwarts_houses. It was Once Upon an Unspeakable Spin (PG-13; Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, and others; 1805 words): Things spin out of control for Hermione and Severus on the edge of Hogwarts' grounds. I really like this fic; I can't believe I forgot it!

I've also been working on my smutty_claus sign up, but things have taken an odd turn. Do I really want to see Canon Male Character/Original Hag Character in a holiday gift exchange present? Yes, yes, I do, but pragmatically, I need to dial back the rarity of my requests. :P I thought I'd only written for the fest three times, but today, I realized that it was four times!

FYI: smutty_claus has posted this year's rules and FAQ. :D

I also realized that I needed to get going on my Obscuro! offering. I did think about it today.

As well, I remembered that I had written Severus/Petunia—A Brief Exercise in Self-Occlumency (PG-13; Severus Snape; 2790 words): Severus reflects upon his failures and vows not to fail a little girl who doesn't know what he is—so I updated my Snape-ian LBD Number list. (My Snape-ian LBD number is 63!) I wrote this super long beginning to what would have been a fairly epic fic, but then I thought, Oh, the ownficfest's deadline is coming! and had to cut the story down a lot. I would like to finish that story, among a few others . . . .

What I learnt today was that I can read and enjoy my older fics (and that I've written too many of them {791?!} to remember them all *snorts*); that made me happy. As well, I don't need to be asking for Mrs Ginny Potter/Draco on my smutty_claus sign up, either. It's a holiday fest, damn it!

*rolls eyes at self*

Shog and I had no time for response reading Cursed Child today; his work mates released a lot of dragons that he had to recapture and/or slay, and while he was doing that, I dealt with bills, property taxes, and various acts of heroic cleaning and grudging editing—not mine; I owed a friend a favor, and her syntax is nasty boring. *says that with love*

I hope you're all well and that your day was not outside in the elements. *waves*

P.S. No, I've not forgotten slash, really. I still write that.
Pairing Whore Penguins

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