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Pairing Whore Penguins

Darcy looking more like the dog she is

Darcy had her second bath yesterday and has started looking more like the St. Bernard that she is!

15 August 2021

She's also getting stronger, so I've got to discover, reinforce, and add to whatever training she's had. She's going to be an even bigger girl sooner rather than later, and I can only handle her now because of her weakened condition and the fact that she's a good, grateful girl.

Oh, and she and Albus met through the screen while she was in the yard and he, on the porch. There was much barking, but none of it hostile. When they later met through the baby gate, the barking was much louder.



*prays that they settle down and get along*

If Darcy and Albus don't get along, it's going to make it much harder to foster her for long enough to place her with a reputable St. Bernard rescue, which is my intent. Honestly, Albus is just over 50 pounds and difficult, upon occasion, to manage. My sweet foster girl needs a home with St. Bernard/large dog people.

Most of the cats have seen Darcy through the screened porch; they are unimpressed, save Miss Puffy Tail.

Merva: I don't know how, but I will end you if you don't stay the fuck away from me!

Oh, and I don't suppose that it's much of a surprise, what with caring for two dogs, six cats, a husband, and myself, but I'm exhausted. I'd say I'm happy, at the moment, not to have kids, but had I children, the little darlings would be helping me with pet care. ;P That said, I'm a happy sort of tired.

And one final thing: one of our extended family cats, The Little, has the same sort of cancer that his mother, Lovey, had. I got to visit with him yesterday. He's comfortable and seems quite pleased with his life in general—and my brother's doing well—so that's good. It was a nice visit. :D

P.S. In spite of the fact that we both agree that we are only fostering Darcy, Shog is looking at minivans. He likes the ones with built-in vacs. Of course, inventory is low and used minivans are retailing for much higher than I'd willingly pay, but I find myself looking at minivans, too. Do not encourage me!
The SSHG Prompt Fest

The sshg_promptfest continues!

The sshg_promptfest continues with For Better Through Worse (PG-13): On her own after Harry and Ron go off to find the Hallows on their own, Hermione continues to fight as best she can, until the Ministry brings her in on charges of evasion and law breaking. Desperate for help, Hermione thinks up her most impossible chance for freedom. What she doesn't know is that her desperate plan will lead her to the fiercest ally she never knew she had.


I'm posting a bit early this morning because I haven't yet been to bed, and I'm pretty sure that I'll sleep in tomorrow today even though I should be rising at five. (One of my wee nieces is now old enough to have her own web presence, and it's freakin' me right the eff out.) The post I just made to the Prompt Fest is its penultimate entry, by the way. I can't believe that the fest is almost (almost but not yet) over! I hope you've been enjoying it. :D

*waves; collapses into bed*
Hurt/Comfort Kitties

The Universe thinks that we've a vacancy . . .

I got home tonight to discover Niamh and Merva puffy tailed and hunkered down on the same side of the porch; they were watching a fluffy white cat with gray markings. It was dark, so I didn't see her (?) very well, but she appeared clean and not emaciated before she ran off at my approach. I saw a similar (if not the same) cat going over our across-the-street neighbors' back fence the other day, and Albus has been sniffing around the flower beds with great interest for a while. I'm pretty sure that the cat's just visiting. Of course, I didn't hear any hissing while she and my girls were checking each other out, so she might be making nice in an attempt to fill our "vacancy." I'll just have to keep a look out for her and play it by ear.

Collapse )

Shog is now giving me a survey about the TiVo, which I suppose is better than listening to him talk about politics. Wish me luck, and Shog, a short attention span. *snorts; huggles flist*
Pairing Whore Penguins

Oh, sheesh!

Thank you all so much for your support in the wake of my post about our old lady cats. I just realized that I shouldn't try to multi-task because I've just answered all your comments while logged in as snapecase_mod. *rolls eyes at self* I really do appreciate your kindness—as iulia_linnea, iuls, or whatever account I happen to be logged into at the time. (I've been super distracted lately; I know I've answered comments from my beta journal for people who have no idea it's me.)

*warm, appreciative hugs*

Getting this out of the way: In Mom news, she called me out of the blue tonight to have me do her Christmas shopping for her. She sounds as though she's regretting her life choices. :( I keep reminding myself that they were her choices while looking at my fingernails. When Mom lived with us, they were totally bitten down; except for one, they are now shiny and sport length! I'm trying not to feel guilty about starting to feel calm and happy most days. It was her choice to go. *repeats like mantra*

Of course, it annoyed Shog that I dropped what we were doing to shop for Mom, so I'll need to give him a back rub when he stops sulking in the tub, but I can do that. The steak burgers were really good. ;P

In other food-related news, the 'Foot ate five raw chicken livers with gusto for dinner, and Zelda had half of my steak burger. Shog's parents gave us the early anniversary present of a baking steel (which I can barely move, it's so heavy!), and Shog was determined to use it immediately—his frying set off the alarm from all the smoke, which sent Albus to the porch, the young girls to the bedroom, and our old ladies happily eating their livers (Zelda had at least one) without giving even an ounce of damn. All is now quiet and not quite as smoky.

We began this very early morning at the emergency vet's office, but 'Foot's eyes weren't infected as I feared (one was glued so tightly shut when she woke me that I had to lay a warm-water-soaked cloth on it to open it); she's just incredibly dehydrated. The 'Foot got fluids under the skin and a lubricating ointment for her eyes, and we've set up a recycling water fountain for the cats so that they'll drink more.

When I asked for the fluids, the vet said, "I was just going to suggest that, but I didn't know where you were on your journey with her," which is the gentlest way I've ever heard anyone ask, "I didn't know how much money you were willing to spend." The week before last, I paid off the credit card. This week, all the fuzzies went in for their yearlies, blood work (as needed), and tests (and the hellcat {Merva} astonished and terrified all with her carrying on; thank you, embarrassing hellcat!). Thank God for the credit card. *snorts*

We had a lovely dinner with Shog's parents last night, but we both noticed that they might each be having some health-related issues of their own. We're going to increase our visits in the new year to keep an eye on them.

My friend, Evoria, made amazing Christmas cookies; I ordered crap ones for us from Harry & David—it was an impulse buy which I'll not be repeating—but the adorable penguin cookie jar was worth it. :D Shog's old co-worker sent us a Christmas card (he's Muslim) of himself dressed as Jesus; it's hysterical. I think he does it in self-defense because people always treat him like a Christian at this time of year. Shog laughed and laughed. Oh, and a good friend of Shog's wants him for a New Year's gaming session, which is nice—but it ain't happening. New Year's is the night before our anniversary, and Shog is mine then.

I still don't have an anniversary gift for Shog. His every desire is akin in expense to a half share of an automobile. *meeps* Must. Procure/Produce. Worthy. Gift!

Oh, and they might be getting rid of the free, volunteer reading program of which I'm very happily a part at the library. Free! Volunteer! Fuckers. We will just have to see about that.

Annnnd I'm starting to ramble. I'd best be off. *smooches flist; waves*
Pairing Whore Penguins

Wolves, nieces, and ZORBS! (Cut for length, pics, and vids.)

Wolves are amazing:

Today's Yesterday's visit with the nieces showed us Collapse )

Okay, so that's the SSHG Prompt Fest deadline now long passed, so I can finally go to bed. That's good, as I must be up at five. *meeps*

P.S. We saw bunnies and babies of all sorts today yesterday, as well. Bunnies! Yard bunnies! And dinosaurish-looking, waddling goslings! *twirls* Okay, it's almost two. I'm really going to bed, now! *smooches flist*
Glorious 25th of May

*points to icon*

I only get to use my Glorious 25th of May icon once per year, so of course I couldn't miss the opportunity—and Cancer Aunt (who volunteered to monitor the fest's email account today, bless her) and Mom decreed that I could use a nice lunch, which I had at Ford's Fish Shack with Shog. Connecticut-style lobstah rolls FtW!

In other news . . .

Truth: Hot Dracula (WS vid) is coming to NBC!

Justice: Is receiving a fair trial before being hanged (though Carcer may well disagree :P).

Freedom: Mom's been told that she'll achieve hers once she kicks the pneumonia and starts moving around more. *relieved*

Reasonably Priced Love: Shog brought seven truffles and seven condoms with him this visit. He's ambitious, and so I told him, but DeFluri's truffles are astonishingly delicious . . . .

And a Hard-Boiled Egg: Hooked has Crab Deviled Eggs with candied bacon; Mom should love them.

Today's largely been about sharing food with loved ones, so it's been quite unexpectedly good. I made Mom a purée of chopped chicken livers on toast points with minced tomato and kalamata for breakfast, had a delightful lunch with Shog, and we're all having foil-baked fish and veg with brown sticky rice for dinner tonight—along with the eggs and (most of the) truffles. *dances the Dance of the Happy Tum; huggles flist*
Bert and Ernie

Sesame Street, and Niece's thoughts on Severus and Lily's friendship

*points to icon*

We all know their truth, Sesame Street, but nice try.

In fandom, everyone has a sexual orientation.

In other news, I had an interesting conversation about Lily and Severus with my niece this morning that concerned the following passage from Collapse )

P.S. from Shog: Religious People Are Nerds and Game of Thrones RPG Deleted Scenes.
I say cock!

Links and baking

arynwy just linked me to the most amazing, productivity increasing product! Be sure to read the reviews!

From Shog and the CollegeHumor crew, have a vid about a sexually confused ninja (if another vid loads, Sexually Confused Ninja is in the sidebar). (NWS)

This toy reminds me of The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, by Neal Stephenson. Big Niece may be receiving it for Christmas. Little Niece may be receiving this version of it. (I have yet to decide upon Biggest Niece's gift. *frets*)

I went to see my brother's new place yesterday and visit with him, SiL, and the girls. Big Niece insisted that I return to tuck her in later that evening, which Shog and I did (Big Niece is getting over her fear about "Uncle Beard," which is good). During our visit, one of the heaters (which was covered in dust) got turned on. It was alarming to smell what we thought was a fire in the new (albeit old) house, but that got sorted quickly. Big Niece was a bit troubled by the notion of fire, but when I looked in on Little Niece, she was bouncing about her crib completely unconcerned. I picked her up for a hug (bad Aunt Iuls! I'm not supposed to be picking up anything over 12 pounds); she was too adorable!

In other news, because I just cannot give up bread, I'm trying some low-carbohydrate recipes for it this week. One is for a pumpkin bread. *dances; hopes* I'll let you know how that goes.

Also? Grilled artichokes are the best. Veggies. Evah!

Oh, and this resting bullshit is getting on my nerves; I've decided to be well, right now. (I'll let you know how that goes, too.)

P.S. This is what I woke up to, this morning (ugly shoes need washing, apparently):