Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Bunk beds!

These bunk beds remind me of how much I loved them as a kid. It turns out that Shog loved bunk beds, too, but he never had them—and as it happens, our bed is dying a natural death, so Shog and I have been browsing for adult bunk beds! *dances*

Shog wants something like this set. I want something like this one. (I also like the drawer option.) Shog and I agree closely as to the style of the bunk beds, but he doesn't think we need the stairs; he might not, but his knees, Barefoot, Zelda, and I do. *snorts* I'm pretty sure I'll get my way on that point. Besides, the stairs-as-storage option is excellent.

If we buy the beds, we'll put them in the back room on the main floor (the front room is kept for best) and turn them into a curtained and well-pillowed fort! A fort! No kids allowed! And when we move into our new home, we'll already have our guest beds—and we'll then make more like grown ups and buy that king-size bed we've been promising ourselves for ages. :P

P.S. Have you ever heard Rupal Patel's Ted Talk about synthetic voices? It's fascinating; she and others are giving people who can't naturally speak voices of their very own, and she's looking for voice donors—I'm in!—at the VocaliD site. *loves technology in the hands of good people*

In other links, check out these mug sweaters and No Dungeons, Just Dragons (I'm easily distracted while I browse).
Tags: life, links, squee, vids

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