Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Got procrastination fodder?

Pogrimby isn't a real word (except that it totally is).

Got puns?

Chilly? Forgo your comforter for an Irish Wolfhound! Fuzzies keep warm by napping together: kitten and puppy, dog and kitten—so cute! Kitten yoga is even cuter! (Also adorable? This ticklish platypus.) Here's a . . . confused kitty who could probably benefit from yoga (or perhaps it's just that the cat is jealous of this bird catcher). In any case, Confused Kitty is still too young for Provocative Pumpkins (NWS). :D

Is anyone old enough for daily_kale? Or—and this is surprisingly WS, cosplayers—a haunted vagina? After that, I think we all need a mental palate cleanser in the form of Ordinary Batman Adventures. :P Don't like superheroes? Have a look at this brief performance-cum-costume.

Best Halloween breakfast ever!

Vids (These are perhaps best watched at home for various reasons.)

Melissa Hunter's Adult Wednesday Addams series—hysterical!

Game of Thrones re-cut as a comedy: "Medieval Land Fun-Time World."

Archer + Top Gun.

I usually despise it when parents do this to their kids, but this vid's just too funny not to share: 3 year old contemplates the effects of his diet on the toilet.

And now for something (brilliant and) completely different: "Book of Lamentations," by Sam Kriss (in which he reviews the DSM-5 as if it were a dystopian novel).

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