Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Monthly Wrap-Up: October

A Familiar Problem (G; Severus/Charity; 1950 words): Troubled by a familiar problem, Severus makes a friend in his spare time.

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Tallest Chimney, Spinner's End, By the River (G; Severus; 250 words): A seven-year-old Severus writes to Father Christmas.

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House Hunting (G; Snuna; 150 words)

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The Paperwork Problem (PG; Hogwarts' Heads and Heads of House, original goblins; 7700 words): The Book of Students is never wrong, neither is a Gringotts' Senior Account Manager's sense of duty—but it's Twistgrapple's unseemly interest in the affairs of wizards that leads him to aid the consummate Slytherin in promoting a great deal of honourable "mischief."

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P.S. I'm in the process of archiving all my fic to AO3.
Tags: monthly wrap-up

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