Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

It's well past Pumpkin Time for me

OMG, I'm exhausted, but I've now got 118 fics up at AO3—only 616 more to go! (No, I didn't archive all those fics today.)

Shog and I went out about Pumpkin Time to lay in provisions for the coming Frankenstorm. Thank you, [info]arynwy, for pinging to ask me about it! I had no idea about Hurricane Sandy, what with all the archiving, avoiding telly, and doing my civic duty by helping people to the polls (and yes, I early voted the day it started *twirls*). The store was fairly picked over, but an excellent stock guy found water for us, and we found everything else that we might need should we lose power. I really hope that we don't end up getting two to four feet of snow—Halloween is coming!—but it's good to be prepared.

In other news, Merva's almost too big to squeeze through the baby gates, and it's clearly annoying the hell out of her. *snorts*

Oh, and I've received my first [info]snapecase entry, and the deadline isn't until 3 December! *dances*

Here are links:

Syrian rebels and their cats (related discussion).

Missing Parrot Found! (Related discussion.)

I'm going to go watch something mindless and fall asleep on the sofa with the 'Foot. Shog's already asleep, but only just, and I don't want to disturb him.

By the way, it's gorgeous outside tonight; I cannot believe we're expecting a huge storm!

'Night, all!
Tags: archiving, cat-related, frankenstorm, links, snapecase

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