Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea


An Ice King and wee!Marceline fan comic (based on Adventure Time's "Remember You" episode) A Distant Memory, Part One and A Distant Memory, Part Two, by matsu-sensei.

Marshall Lee's Newest Episode in Adventure Time—a fan vid, based on fic not written by the Ice King. :P

Visual philosophy.

My Little Thestral, by Eattoast (Sherlock and Avengers fans should check this artist out.)

Poor Sorting Hat!

Romney family buys Ohio voting machines via Bain Capital—how comforting.

Yeah, I know: thanks for that, Iuls. Think about this adorable baby, instead: baby dressed as Gimli! (Alternately, visit Cats in Sinks).

P.S. Or go read this hot, NC-17 Draco/Scorpius fic by [info]entrenous88: These Boots: When Al spots a pair of expensive boots he can't stop thinking about, he discovers he has a taste for the finer things. As it happens, so does Draco. >:D
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