Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

I've been out running errands all day

It's good to sit down—when Albus will let me. He keeps getting out no matter how careful I am coming in, and now he's got Merva doing it. *annoyed* I need to put a baking sheet by the front door. I also need to close cabinets more quickly because the kitten has been getting stuck in them and climbing all over my dishes.

And now for the random:

Best graffiti ever!

I first heard the expression, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycyle," from one of the singers of BETTY at an Earth Day rally in D.C. I had no idea of the quotation's origin at the time, but I remember thinking that it was cool. Not long after seeing BETTY perform, I started reading Gloria Steinem for a class and assumed that she had coined the phrase. Last night, however, I learnt that Steinem actually borrowed it from an Australian politician called Irina Dunn, who coined the expression as a paraphrase of Vique's Law ("a man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle"/"a man without God is like a fish without a bicycle"/"a man needs God like a fish needs a bicycle") when she was a student and took to scribbling it on the backs of bathroom stall doors. *amused*

The vice presidential debate

I'd call it a draw, and I agree with Rachael Maddow that it seemed to last about nine minutes rather than the approximately 90 minutes that it did. That had a lot to do with Martha Raddatz, who did a pretty decent job of keeping Biden and Ryan on point. Having reviewed various fact-checking sites, I'm not surprised by the candidates' various "misstatements" and my vote remains unchanged. If you still aren't sure who won the debate and haven't yet decided for whom to vote for president, there's always the write-in option of Vermin Supreme; Garry Larson even predicted his candidacy.

Kids rule!

It always surprises me how busy the Walmart is no matter the time of day; there were people doing Christmas shopping at five in the morning! While walking through the toy section, I overheard some kids having the following conversation:

"This [an action figure] is way more cooler than that!"

"I know. Better commercials, too."

"And the cereal's good. I like the cereal."

"Cereal's bad for you."

"Says who?"

"My mom."

"Well, I like cereal."

"We can't have it. We have to have oatmeal 'cause it don't cost as much."


It got quiet for a moment, and then one of the kids said, "Oatmeal's cereal."

"It is?"

"Hm, hmm."

"But it doesn't have a toy to go with it."

"Yeah, but it's still cereal, so you're eating the normal stuff."

Conversation then turned back to the toy, and I walked away feeling proud of the cereal-eating kids for making the oatmeal-eating kids feel "normal" instead of making fun of them.


Spooky pizza!

This kid has cool parents. :)

An All-Talking Sensation Eighty Years in the Making!

That's not a gourd.

Hiijinks in R'lyeh.

You, too, can entertain shelter cats over the 'net!

And now I'm off to take my blackberry-zucchini bread out of the oven and start the rest of dinner before sitting down to a round of epic beta'ing. *waves*
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