Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
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The caption of this creepy Precious-Moments-related photo is what makes me really shiver. It's probably redundant to call anything related to Precious Moments figures "creepy," isn't it?

Shog wants to try a bacon taco shell; I told him no. I also won't let him make a "Manwich." From his disappointment, you'd think I was feeding him only crumbs.

Apparently, the Bombshell Butt Workout is part of a free online series. I doubt I'll ever try any of them, but watching this one is plenty entertaining.

Here's a vid in which a cat discovers that sometimes, entertainment fights back. *cackles*

For the sake of tiny zoo patrons, it's good that some "entertainments" don't have a way of truly getting up close and personal.

Here's Jonathan Coulton's song, First of May, performed in American Sign Language. Teach yourself to say something new! (NWS.)

Here's a violinist with a great sense of humor!

And here's a way to find out what people know you've downloaded.
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