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missingkeys prompted me with Severus/Bellatrix: wand, morning, hose.

The Wedding Guest (R; Severus/Bellatrix; 100 words)

"Your wand's up," someone hissed into Severus' ear, "so why aren't you?"

"Uh," Severus muttered, but he didn't move.


His cock stinging, Severus shouted, "Fuck!"

"Yes, exactly. That's what a lady expects the morning after she marries."

"B—Bellatrix?" Severus tried to move but found that he couldn't, and looking up at his wrists, he discovered them bound to the headboard by a length of garden hose. "What the hell?"

Bellatrix straddled his chest and pouted. "My husband," she said, "is a great disappointment to me."

Remembering the alarming events of the previous evening, Severus promised hoarsely, "I won't be."


Apr. 22nd, 2012 12:12 am (UTC)