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singingotter prompted me with Luna, George: the earth is flat.

To Rhyme is Divine (G; George, Luna, Hugo, others implied; 100 words): Aunt Luna and Uncle George share a moment of silliness with the children.

"And what, then, would you say to that?" asked George, winking.

Luna grinned. "I'd say the earth is flat."

"But we couldn't live like that!" George replied, comically widening his eyes.

The children giggled.

Beaming at them, Luna continued, "We could if we clung to our mats!"

"No," said George, "We'd lose our hats!"

"And fly with cats," Luna agreed, nodding at the kids.

"And get into spats!" George exclaimed.

"Over who could best scratch?" asked Luna.

"No, over who had the best tats!"

"Er, Uncle George?" asked Hugo, "What's a tat?"

"Art you won't wear—because it's always a trap!"


Apr. 20th, 2012 04:33 pm (UTC)
So much yay! I'm glad you offered this prompt; it was fun to write, and I'm so pleased to know that you enjoyed its answer! :D