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starnightmuse prompted me with Harry/Alicia Spinnet: Romantic, Freedom, Magic.

Playing the Field (PG; Harry/Alicia; 100 words)

Harry drained his pint. "You're right, I have been enjoying my freedom since Gin and I agreed to see other people."

Alicia smiled. "I never thought it would work out between the two of you."

"Why not?" Harry winked. "I like Quidditch players."

Alicia leaned forward. "A well-known fact, that, but at heart, you're more of a romantic than Ginny is."

"Would a romantic have agreed to take a relationship break?"

"Sure," replied Alicia, "if he knew the magic was gone."

Harry leaned towards Alicia until his lips were brushing hers and whispered, "I'm finding no shortage of that here."