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Iulia Linnea

Commissioned Art from Undula: Eileen and Roger, Everett and Daphne's Children

I'm incredibly lucky! After [info]undula illustrated Everett and Daphne from the epilogue of my Thoroughly Inappropriate Series, she agreed to create a portrait of their children, Eileen and Roger, as well!

Behold the Onion Children!

[info]undula's combination of Severus and Daphne's traits in their children fascinates me, particularly considering that, while Severus uses magic to support his identity as Everett Blake, neither he nor Daphne elected to alter their children's appearances in a similar manner. I'm thrilled with this portrait, [info]undula, thank you so very much! *'s*

Here's a link to my commissioned and gift art gallery, in which you'll find more works by [info]undula. If you enjoy her work, go 'round to her art comm, [info]kitschist, and let her know!

I cannot wait to receive my TIS illustrations; I'm hanging both of them! :D
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