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The Face of Fear (G; Petunia; 180 words)

accioslash prompted me with Petunia: contrition, hoodwinked, flawed.

The Face of Fear (G; Petunia; 180 words)

Petunia furiously scrubbed at her eyes with her palms, brutally brushing away her tears after reading Dumbledore's letter.

"Who cares if I can't go to Hogwarts?" she asked herself, rising to inspect her reddened face in the mirror. "So what if I'm not a freak?"

She'd only wanted to look out for her sister, anyway. That awful boy had hoodwinked Lily into thinking she was something special, but Petunia knew he was wrong.

He's a . . . a flawed person, a profoundly awful, flawed, ugly boy, Petunia told herself, without an ounce of contrition, and Lily will see that soon enough. I know she will!

Petunia knew that Lily would see the truth—about that boy and herself—and come home, sooner rather than later. Sighing, she stuffed the hateful letter into her bureau and prepared to face everyone at the dinner table, promising herself not to show anyone how upset she was, especially him.

He could never know that she'd wanted to go to Hogwarts, too, even if only for Lily's sake.

He'd laugh at me if he knew. I know he would.


Apr. 11th, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome; I'm loving your prompts! And while I was writing this, all sorts of Severus/Petunia bunnies came a'hoppin'. :D

I'm so pleased you liked this answer. *twirls you*