Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Coming True (PG; Charity/Aurora, Severus; 350 words)

venturous1 prompted me with Charity/Sinistra: starlight, surprise, surrender.

Coming True (PG; Charity/Aurora, Severus; 350 words): Aurora is surprised to discover that Severus has encouraged Charity to grant one of her wishes.

"—which is why I never surrender an opportunity to learn," Charity concluded, as Severus nodded.

"Too bad our brats don't feel the same," he said, rising.

Aurora smiled at Severus' ill-temper, thinking that it was very like that of anyone in her family; her people were all dark-haired, taciturn, and sober in every way, especially their dress. And unlike Severus, they're no fun to be around.

They weren't like Charity, who was lingering over the tea she'd poured for herself at the beginning of the staff meeting while everyone else left the room. Aurora lingered, as well; she couldn't help but find Charity's blonde hair, sunny disposition—to which even Severus, it seemed, was not immune—and colourful dress attractive. She was a bright star amidst them, and her presence warmed Aurora.

"You're not in a hurry, I see," Charity said, interrupting her thoughts.

"No, apparently not." Aurora blushed.

Charity smiled and began to hum.

Blushing more deeply, Aurora provided the words to Charity's tune. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight—I believe that was the very first rhyme I ever learned."

Charity stopped humming and beamed at her. "I'm not surprised. . . . I wish I may, I wish I might . . . ."

As Charity's voice trailed off, her gaze remain fixed upon Aurora's face, and Aurora felt it flame. She's surely not flirting with me?

"Have the wish," Charity continued, "I wish tonight."

Aurora's throat went dry.

"Severus tells me that you enjoy walking the Astronomy Tower at night."

"Does he?" Aurora asked, wondering if Severus had been indiscreet. He was only just teasing me the other day about my mooning over Char

"Would you like to show me the stars, Aurora? I'm sure I'd see something . . . interesting with you there to teach me."

He did say something to her. I know it, thought Aurora, her heart pounding as she replied, "And you never surrender an opportunity to . . . learn."

"That's right, but upon occasion," Charity said, rising, "I do enjoy a good surrender."

Oh, Severus, I'm going to kill you. Aurora bit her lip. But not tonight. Tonight, it seems, is for wishes.
Tags: aurora sinistra, charity burbage, charity/aurora, drabbles/ficlets, severus snape

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