Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Waiting for Mom to arrive

Shog's sent me some interesting links this morning, which I thought I'd share:

A cool magical table.

The product of the union between a bear and a brave dog.

Steampunk Lego Dino!

Something Lego-related that Shog wants me to check out.


One bad and one good thing that happened today:

Poor Albus was attacked by three of our neighbors' dogs while walking with Shog this morning. One of the dogs landed a bite on Albus' back but didn't break the skin, and Shog was able to fend them off with a stick and his foot. He brought Albus home and then went back to the house to tell the owner that his dogs were out and belligerent, and it seems as though Albus didn't hurt them, so all's well, but it was an alarming morning for my boys.

While all that was happening, the amazing [info]undula (you may know of her art comm) agreed to take a TIS-related commission from me! *flails* I cannot adequately express how much I love her work, and how happy I am to know I'll soon have more of it! *dances*

She's previously illustrated Girl!Harry, a Snuna scene, and a Draco/Daphne scene for me, and I have portraits of Hermione, Percy, and Sirius by her (but unfortunately no digi images of them to share).

I'm so pleased I could burst right now!
Tags: dog-related, links, shog, thoroughly inappropriate series

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