Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Fortune Favours the Brave (PG; Bill/Fleur; 100 words)

sarcasticsra prompted me with Bill/Fleur: beauty, waterfall.

Fortune Favours the Brave (PG; Bill/Fleur; 100 words)

The first time Bill saw Fleur, her beauty flowed over him like a waterfall . . . and set him aflame. At her glance, he fought for what seemed like an eternity through a storm of possibilities to bring her soft, warm hand to his lips.

She didn't blush; he took it as a challenge . . . after he remembered how to breathe.

Fleur doesn't wear perfume, but she's always been redolent of danger, danger and white heat.

When he found himself drowning in that heat for the first time, he didn't believe he'd survive the experience, but he came away, unscathed, and with her.
Tags: bill weasley, bill/fleur, drabbles/ficlets, fleur delacour

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