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Good morning!

Last night, Shog and I were watching the delightful movie, The Decoy Bride, which stars David Tennant, Alice Eve and Kelly MacDonald, when the DVR started recording two shows at once and kicked us out of it; I cannot wait to get back to the movie! In the meantime, here's Miracle, Part II (Part I is flocked and involves Shog's first eating of raw green beans):

Shog bought those carrot sticks on his own, and then put them on his own plate . . . with the raw green beans! Of course, he did buy the queso, but then he decided that he liked the veg better plain! *\o/*

Someone's wizarding gran got caught on film! Clearly, that's a bewitchment of some sort, as there are no multiple Transfigurational forms in the Potterverse, but I still find it inspiring. *ponders fic*

[info]zombi_fic_ation: because there should be more zombie!fic!

Why would I cry?, by ~a-lise, is the most beautiful Luna art I've ever seen.

Ever wondered How to Make Limoncello? Take a gander at Step One. *cackles*

Oh, and Honorary Niece made this Albus vid. *smishes her*


Apr. 6th, 2012 05:44 pm (UTC)
In light of recent events I must ask you if Shog has:

A.) Been replaced by a pod person.

B.) Stuffed in a trunk and replaced by a polyjuiced wizard who:
A.) Is on the lam
B.) Has an unrequited crush on you.
C.) Has plans to take over the muggle world starting with you.

C.) Is stuffed in the sewer somewhere while a shape shifter sits in his skin.

D.) Pissed off any Gypsies/Witches/Wizards and has had a veggie curse cast upon him.

XD *runs away laughing*
Apr. 6th, 2012 07:15 pm (UTC)

Personally, I think it's A because even if it were B, it would not be unrequited, that crush. *snorts*