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A Concern for Standards (G; Sybill, Luna, Draco; 280 words)

nocturnus33 prompted me with Luna, Draco, Trelawney: Jamaica.

Note: I've used the British spelling of Sybill's name.

A Concern for Standards (G; Sybill, Luna, Draco; 280 words): Sybill asks Luna and Draco a question; Draco misses the point.

Sybill Trelawney grinned at Professors Lovegood and Malfoy over her spectacles. "See here, you two, I've been offered a position in Jamaica."

Luna smiled. "Congratulations."

"A position?" Draco frowned. "But where? I know of no school to rival Hogwarts there."

"Size doesn't matter, Draco," Luna said, as Sybill answered, "Oh, I don't speak of an academic position."

She and Luna giggled; Draco flushed.

"In any case," continued Sybill, "Edward is keen for me join him soon, but I can't think of anyone to replace me. I was hoping that one of you might know someone."

Draco snorted. "Why would I—"

"Neither Draco nor I know any seers, I'm afraid."

Sybill sighed. "Well, that's disappointing."

"Why did you think I might know a seer?"

"Your eyes, Draco," replied Sybill enigmatically, "your eyes."

Draco turned to Luna and mouthed, "My eyes?"

Luna addressed Sybill. "I think you'll just have to give your notice to Severus and let him worry about your replacement."

"But what of the standards I've set?"

"I shouldn't worry," Draco told Sybill, as he rose. "Whoever replaces you will be sure to at least match your standards."

Sybill beamed at him; Luna frowned and followed him out of the office.

"You weren't very nice, Draco."

He shrugged. "Yes, but she didn't notice. Why should you care?"

Luna stopped walking and regarded him closely. "Because it's the right thing to do."

"I think that the right thing would be to stop teaching a rubbish subject like Divination."

"Yes, because prophesies and the like have never figured in your life in any way."

Watching Luna walk away, Draco thought, She is definitely seeing too much of Severus. That was almost . . . sharp.
Tags: drabbles/ficlets, draco malfoy, luna lovegood, sybill trelawney

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