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Iulia Linnea

Four Femslash Prompt Answers

dickgloucester prompted me with Irma Pince/Pomona Sprout: reluctance, roses, restitution.

An Apology of Petals (PG; Irma/Pomona; 125 words)

Irma accepts the roses with reluctance—she does enjoy her fits and sulks, after all—but they are the exact shade of her lips. Such a detail is not beneath her notice, which is why Pomona spent so much time getting it right.

"Restitution for the book I borrowed," she whispers. "I didn't mean to get dirt on it."

Irma snorts and turns away to Summon a vase; Pomona draws her wand to fill it with water. They stare at each other over the flowers.

"Well," says Irma, "I suppose I should forgive you."


"But I know you'll only be careless again!"

"In that case, I'll just have to show you what the petals are good for," Pomona tells her, pulling a rose from the vase.

lunafish prompted me with Luna/Millicent: lies, theft, revenge.

Disarmed (G; Millicent/Luna; 200 words): Prettiness trumps rightness.

"Loony Lovegood"—Millicent hated that they called her that. She hated it more how people told lies to Lovegood about their theft of her belongings.

They shouldn't lie to someone so . . . pretty—no, not pretty.

It was wrong for a girl to think another girl was pretty.

Defenceless—that's right. Someone so defenceless shouldn't ever be lied to, I mean, unless there's a reason, Millicent thought, watching Lovegood across the Great Hall as she questioned people about the location of her things, but it's almost time to go home, so there's no reason to be lying to a girl like Lovegood. "Damn."

The Edgecombe girl was in for a revenge prank if she didn't stop lying to Lovegood. She didn't stop lying. Millicent left the table and followed her out of the hall.

She met Lovegood upon reentering it. "Oh."

"Millicent, is that mine?" she asked, grinning as she pointed at the pair of socks in her hands.

"Er, yeah."

"Thank you!" Lovegood took them while leaning up to kiss her cheek. "That was awfully thoughtful of you."

Touching her face, Millicent watched Luna traipse happily down the corridor and decided that perhaps she wasn't as defenceless as she'd thought.

So pretty.

nocturnus33 prompted me with Madam Pince/Hooch: broom.

Flight of Fancy (G; Xiomara/Irma; 100 words)

"What's wrong, Irma? Don't you trust me?" asked Xiomara.

"It's that I don't trust. Why can't we just Side-Along wherever—"

"Because," Xiomara replied, "flying's always more fun."

Irma straddled the broom. "Don't take us up too high."

Xiomara took up position behind Irma and smiled against her neck. "Don't worry. I won't make you dizzy, at least, not until after we land. Now, keep your eyes open." With that, she lifted off and flew from the Pitch towards the Forbidden Forest.

The moon was full, the breeze, gentle, and Irma, warm against her. It was going to be a good night.

starspider prompted me with Hermione/Luna: normal.

What's Normal for Girls (NC-17; Luna/Hermione; 200 words): Luna teaches Hermione how to communicate her needs.

"Don't worry, it's perfectly normal to shake like that when someone's touching you like this," Luna told Hermione, running her fingertips over the gusset of her knickers. "Hasn't Ronald ever done this for you?"


Luna pressed her forhead to Hermione's and whispered, "Do you like it?"

"Mmm, hmm. Oh!"

"Yes," said Luna, sliding a finger under the gusset and into Hermione, "I thought you did. And if I move my fingers," she continued, adding another one, "in and out of you, it's almost like having a cock up there, isn't it?"

"Merlin, Luna! Please."

"Please what? You have to be able to say it. Boys aren't mind-readers, you know."


Luna giggled and obliged her. "That's right, specificity is always good. I think you're almost there!"


"No?" Luna asked, sliding down the mattress.


"You did say 'no', at least, I think you did, so I'm going to help you by sucking your—"

"Oh, Merlin, fuck!"

Luna stilled. "Really? There is a charm for tha—"

"No! Fuck, anything, just—"

"My mistake," Luna murmured, ripping off Hermione's knickers and plunging her face between her thighs. Crushed by them, she couldn't hear Hermione's instructions.

But her shuddering says it all.
Tags: drabbles/ficlets, hermione granger, irma pince, irma/pomona, luna lovegood, luna/hermione, millicent bulstrode, millicent/luna, pomona sprout, xiomara hooch, xiomara/irma

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