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I prompted myself with Snarry: rogitation and adimpleate.

A Fulfilling Encounter (PG; Snarry; 100 words): Severus is pleasantly surprised to discover that Potter has a way with words.

"Your rogitation with regard to this matter is beginning to annoy me, Potter."

"But you deserve the Order of Merlin," he replied, laying a hand on Severus' arm.

He looked at it and then at Potter, glaring as he repressed a shudder.

Potter withdrew his hand. "Sorry, I just—"

"Seem to be having difficulty understanding simple words."

"You call 'rogitation' simple?"

Severus smirked, finally seeing a way to end Potter's regular requests of him. "Perhaps I would be open to discussing the matter . . . if you'd allow me to adimpleate you?"

"Sure," Potter said, pressing him into the wall, "I'll bottom."