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A Culinary Approach (PG; Snuna; 100 words)

[info]pokeystar prompted me with Severus/Luna: divination, wands, cooking.

A Culinary Approach (PG; Snuna; 100 words)

No method of divination, nor even a direct examination of Luna's ingredients, had ever helped Severus to glean what she meant to be cooking on her nights to do it. As she had yet to poison him, however, he waited for the bangings and bubblings to cease before asking, "What's this?" as he surveyed the collection of sauces and compotes she'd set before him.

"Wands' Choice."

"But how are we meant to eat these without anything on which to spread them?"

Luna flourished her wand, leaving them both nude. "How do you think?"

"I do love your approach to cookery."