Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

A Stunning Objection (PG; Severus, Xenophilius; 100 words)

I took one prompt a piece from my (now private) posts at DW, IJ, and LJ. Here's the gen drabble:

alicit prompted me with Severus and Xenophilius Lovegood: swimming.

A Stunning Objection (PG; Severus, Xenophilius; 100 words): Things aren't going swimmingly.

"The Giant Squid—"

"It's not a squid, Headmaster. It's a tool of the Old Ones, and I've come to offer myself up to it for how I've failed my daughter."



"There are simpler ways of ending yourself, man!"

"If you mean poison, I won't take it!"

"Just go to the wedding and object to it—you'll make your point and Narcissa will kill you for disrupting Draco and Luna's day!"

"Do you really think she would?"

"I'm sure of it!"

"Why didn't you just say so?" Lovegood asked.

Severus Stunned him as soon as he was out of the water.
Tags: drabbles/ficlets, severus snape, xenophilius lovegood

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