Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

The Hogwarts' Houses Fest, the Snape Showcase, and my monthly fic wrap-up for September

[info]hogwarts_houses' Reveal is up! I hope those of you who followed the fest enjoyed it as much as I did. :D

Sign-ups for [info]snapecase are now open (and coming in quickly)! Please read the community's rules before signing up because I will not be accepting incomplete sign-ups, improper sign-ups, sign-ups posted in reply to the wrong post(s), and (perhaps) sign-ups in which people ask me questions that they could have answered for themselves by reading the rules. *is a mod, not a mom*

Here's my montly fic wrap-up for September (this doesn't include my [info]hogwarts_houses fics, which I'll be posting to my journals soon):

20 Random Facts about How Lils Saw to the Funeral Guests (PG; Lily Luna Potter, others; 565 words): meme entry.

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

20 Random Facts about Diosma "Di" Anne Parkinson (PG; "Di" Parkinson, others; 556 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

20 Random Facts about the Hero Headmaster's Portrait's Life at Hogwarts (PG; Portrait!Snape, others; 606 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

The Plaguey Cheese (PG; Harry Potter, Kreacher, Luna Lovegood; 1304 words): There were advantages to sharing Grimmauld Place with Luna, but receiving her "gifts" wasn't one of them.

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

20 Random Facts about Molly Weasley (PG; Molly Weasley, others; 758 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

20 Random Facts about Famous Cheese-Maker Greta Catchlove (G; Greta Catchlove, others; 569 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

20 "Random" Facts about Ginny Weasley, Who Stopped Waiting in Favour of Living Life on Her Own Terms (PG; Ginny Weasley, others; 1381 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal
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