Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Comms, recs, links, vids---this post has them!

"Winter is Coming"—and I love a good Calvin and Hobbes homage! (Implied violence and cartoon-style blood is featured in this image.)

For those of you who can't wait: Pottermore spoilers. (I haven't looked, but I will eventually!)

Everyone knows that the "sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma," right? (WS vid.)

Howling puppy! (Adorable WS vid.)

Adorable 22-year-old Christopher Walken! (WS image if shirtless cutie is WS where you work.)

I'm skipping the tea (not-quite-WS image) in favor of the coffee (WS sculpture).

I don't have time to participate, but [info]steampunkpotter looks really cool!

And here's the perfect background "music" for writing: RainyMood.Com. (WS site.)

[info]qzee wrote Ten Things Dumbledore Might See in the Mirror of Erised, which I highly recommend!

The biggest problem facing society today? (WS image.)

In no way WS John/Sherlock art, "Higher," by [info]mariemjs. OMG, so hot!

"A walk in the park" for Charles and Erik—lovely WS art by [info]loobeeinthesky.

WS image: Revolution.

[info]cluegirl wrote Late Fees (a WS original ficlet that I found quite intriguing), inspired by joy-ang's, Scroll Shop (WS image).

P.S. I'm
Zombie Letters from e-zombie.com! (Gakked from [info]cluegirl.)
Tags: fest promotion, links, rec, vids

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