Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Long-overdue linkies!

Most of these are care of Shog. I would have posted them when they were more current but for LJ's having been under that DDOS attack.

Built for the kill: I wouldn't have gotten on this bus, even during Shark Week.

Canadian bacon: Thank you, South Park.

Cthulhu Cosplay: Dedication, indeed! (But I hope he built in some fans.) On a related note, it's never too early to begin the indoctrination.

Dads are willing to do anything to help their kids: This comic reminds me of Shog.

Doctor Who/Harry Potter art! And a Harry Potter-related comic in which it's made clear that not everyone minds movie!canon's plans for Neville (SPOILERS for Deathly Hallow: Part II).

A dog and his toy: So cute!

Father and son: Because even clones can make good dads. (More cuteness.)

Fun with Tesco's spices: Naughty spelling—why do I never think to do things like this?

Going Rogue: No, Shog. Being your librarian's enough. ;)

A much more dramatic take on "Pigs in the Blanket": I'm doing this for my nieces.

My little witch: Ladybug!

A simple way to scare the shit out of the neighbors: I'd love to do this for myself; it would get me out in the garden, anyway. *g*

Voldemort and Harry's Epic Battle: The nose game never gets old. (See?) On a not-quite-related note: xkcd's Strunk and White comic will never get old, either.

I find this (NWS) product vaguely horrifying: The Va J-J Visor.

After seeing that, I need Snape's reassurance.
Tags: links, vids
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