Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

You may enjoy healthy food, but . . .

you eat healthily. "Healthy" is not a flat adverb. *despairs*


\animal-related, other neatness:

"Leg of blue, I choose you!" (WS image.)

This serene swimmer approves. (WS image.)

Kitty is definitely up to something. ;) (WS image.)

This talking dog is love. :D (WS vid.)

"Chewy" is also love. *snuggles* (WS image.)

Confused lamb! (WS vid.)

This example of man-goose love is WS, sweet, and sad at once.

Not safe for vegetarians/vegans (WS tee-shirt-inspired lyrics).

Not safe for vegetarians/vegans of the zombie persuasion (WS but not work-appropriate tee-shirt).

Pi! (WS tee for pies and pie-lovers, Pi-lovers, too!)

Kick-ass Bender hat! *dances; covets* (WS image.)

Lab-lovers rock! (WS lab-loving site.)

Not-quite-worksafe vid about dating issue. She may not like it . . . but Rothfuss does! (WS article.)

Bacon cinnamon rolls, bitches! (NWS.)

It gets sort of better, you trolls. (WS vid {scroll down to view it} which you've probably already seen because you. Are. Winning. Aren't you? *snorts*)

Shog really wants this WS squid shower caddy, but we don't have a strong enough shower bar at the new place. *sighs for Shog*

30% deceit and lies. Bitches. (Not quite WS, and not on!)

Have some laughing babies (WS vid, unless you're squicked by laughing babies).

But remember, one does not simply walk into . . . (WS visual pun—let that be warning enough).

Okay, this is WS, and fascinating to me because Brent's the chillest dude in the history of chill dudes. *would have run about screaming*

On that note, I hope everyone's safe and well, and Goodnight Dune.

P.S. Still not able to write anything. *sobs; doesn't inhale*

P.P.S. Is it okay to wish ill on the jackhole who suggested via email that I smoke "just a little" to get me into Writing Mode?
Tags: links, vids

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