Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Most of this is WS: Linkies!

(You may feel free to blame Shog for most of these.) Have a boatload o' links!

Angel has a decision to make (Moderately NWS).

Shog's really interested in Mirka.

Little girls as wolves—how appropriate.

A salute to a London wizard.

A confusing moment for Bert and Ernie (NWS).

Nerd want—this young lady has the right idea. :D

Nerd parenting—q'pla! (Yeah, I know. I shouldn't mix the Star streams. *rolls eyes*)

The ducks are actually wearing dog masks!

Street gamers rule!

But not as hard as book nerds!

i has a stik!

Cute though this and this one, too, may be, they are both wrong.

Cats rule!

This turkey and this one, as well, know exactly why. It was obviously the fault of the postmen.

Good Scrabble word!

Now Shog doesn't have to buy a chicken in a can. (Not lunch safe.)

Zero Punctuation presents, Minecraft (there might be coarse language in this; I can't remember).

Robert Burns was a perv, bless him! (NWS literary expression.)

Shog thinks that Squirrel Girl's the coolest superhero ever!

Gandalf or Dumbledore? Gandalf! (Language, I think.)

Over or under? Over! Always, without exception, over!

Shark brain vs. vagina. Um . . . . (Prolly not the WS you're looking for.)

The true reason Radio Star died.

Whale threesome! No, really! (This feels pretty WS to me. The lady whale prolly thought it felt really rather fabulous, I'm thinking.)

One feels for his wife, indeed (just read the first paragraph {not WS if one is reading aloud}).

The Lovecraft: A R'lyeh Standard *wishes Shog wore ties*

*is glad Shog's not into this sort of thing* (NWS.)

*penguin squee*


Good question. (Not quite WS.)



This is not what one should do with gnocchi.

This is not a diagram I ever needed to see. (Not quite WS.)

This pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about the poxy resting.

This makes me sad.

And this is pretty damn nervy. :D

P.S. Regarding my last post: No, of course we didn't actually play that game! We laid out all the tiles and tried for bingos. It was fun, and we're going to show Mom the board and pretend we played that game just to annoy the hell out of her. My mother is frighteningly competitive (and a vicious player, which is why we're going to lie to her for a bit) and has broken 500. o.O Shog and I only ever break 400 in Scrabble.
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