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2010 Wrap-Up

Last year, I wrote 57 works for a total of 99,420 words. Here's a list of the pairings (het and slash), threesomes, and characters that I wrote about in 2010:

Het Pairings

Luna/Lucius (implied)
Narcissa/Original Male Character (implied)
Scorpius/Rose (implied)

Slash Pairings

Harry/Draco (implied)



Genfic Characters

A. Ghoul (canonical Weasley ghoul)
Albus Dumbledore
Andromeda Black
Blaise Zabini
Daphne Greengrass
Filius Flitwick
Fred Weasley
Gilderoy Lockhart
Ginny Weasley
Hannah Abbott
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Hugo Weasley
James Potter, Jr
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Lily Luna Potter
Luna Lovegood
Madam Pince
Minerva McGonagall
Molly Weasley
Mr Ollivander
Neville Longbottom
Nymphadora Tonks
Original Female Characters
Original Male Characters (including Auror Christopher March from Reading Season)
Original Snake
Pomona Sprout
Quirinus Quirrell
Regulus Black
Ron Weasley
Rose Weasley
Sacharissa Tugwood
Scorpius Malfoy
Severus Snape
Weasleys (various)

I'm sure I've forgotten some pairings and characters, but the list is still pretty decent for a pairing/genre whore. :D

Here's my Fic Wrap-Up for 2010, by month:

January (one item; 1022 words)

A Tradition Worth Keeping (R; Severus/Malfoys; 1022 words): It was something of a birthday tradition, fucking a Malfoy.

April (one item; 275 words)

Naked Cake (R; Severus/Lucius/Hermione; 275 words)

May (five items; 31,065 words)

A Decent Man (NC-17; Charlie/Draco; 10,500 words): Draco finds his way home.

Getting Severus Married, Chapters Forty-Seven (5675 words), Forty-Eight (5641 words), and Forty-Nine (9149 words).

A Hot Meal (PG; Snermione; 100 words)

June 34 items; 35,914 words)

Arrangement, The (R; Snuna; 2500 words): Their Arrangement is only one of myriad reasons that Severus and Luna's marriage works.

Assessing Payment (PG; implied Severus/Bill; 100 words)

Brotherly Love (G; Fred, others; 365 words)

Catching Luna (PG; Harry/Luna; 971 words): Harry finds that catching Luna is a one-part process.

Death, with Benefits (PG-13; Lucius/Hermione, implied Lucius/Hermione/Severus; 400 words): Severus arranges a holiday for himself, Lucius, and Hermione; no one sleeps.

Demonstration of Teamwork, A (PG-13; Kingsley, OMC, OFC, Severus, Filius, Minerva, and Pomona; 1913 words): Kingsley's approval of a Ministry programme is met with disapproval by a team of disgruntled staffers.

End to Whinging, An (PG; Harry, Severus, Ron, Molly; 2265 words): Snape and Harry are too caught up in their arguments to diagnose just why they're fighting—until someone provides them with a cup of cure.

Further Study (G; Neville, Hannah; 400 words): Neville doesn't know enough about flowers.

Going Forward (PG; Severus, Hermione, Original Female Character; 500 words): With Hermione's support, Severus takes action after an instance of bullying.

Hoping for a Cure (PG; Luna and Severus; 400 words): It isn't Wrackspurts, but it might as well be.

Housemothering (PG; Tonks, Hermione, Severus; 1200 words): Tonks distracts herself from her own grim mood by playing housemother.

How to Properly Secure Eggs (NC-17; Snarry, Original Snake; 529 words): It should be obvious to everyone that all snakes would Sort Slytherin.

Ill-Informed Vow, The (G; Regulus; 300 words)

Implied Balance, An (PG-13; Luna/Draco, other characters and pairings; 2052 words): Inspired by a goblin legend, Luna restores the balance of her heart.

It Takes a Kitty (Mild NC-17; Severus/Harry/Luna; 1172 words): After Severus has an accident, Luna and Harry "adopt" him.

It Takes a Village (PG; Jamie Potter and his family; 2683 words): Jamie Potter doesn't want to be Sorted at all; certain members of his family take steps to ensure that he is.

Kiss of Life (PG-13; Bill/Fleur; 150 words)

Meeting the Moon (NC-17; Severus/Luna/Lucius and permutations thereof, implied other relationships; 1489 words): Lucius repays a life debt and takes up a challenge.

More than Flowers (G; Snermione; 1500 words): Hermione receives more than flowers from Severus on their fourteenth anniversary.

Nott Option, The (PG-13; Severus/Daphne; 3030 words): There are three reasons that Mrs Nott isn't a romantic option for Severus. They're all rubbish, of course.

One for the Pensieve (R; Luna/Draco; 3047 words): Seeking to atone, Draco finds Luna and discovers more than he imagined possible.

Pillow Thoughts (R; Kingsley/Severus; 100 words)

Potion-Soaked Vow, A (PG-13; Ginny, Severus, Harry; 1530 words): That the apple doesn't fall far from the tree is a beautiful thing under the right circumstances.

Puffskein Plan, The (PG-13; Snarry, others; 1703 words): Severus brews up trouble by employing puffskeins.

Quirrell in the Library (PG; Pince, Quirrell, Zabini, Greengrass, and Snape; 455 words): Severus' suspicions are aroused when he spies Professor Quirrell paying too much attention to his Slytherins.

Repudiation and Prayer (G; Andromeda Black; 305 words)

Secret Society (R; Xenophilius/Lucius; 550 words): Lucius' curiosity isn't satisfied in quite the manner he intends.

Talionic Tonic, A (PG; Severus/Hermione/Luna; 100 words)

Turn About (R; implied Lucius/Severus, Severus/Lucius, and Harry/Severus; 896 words): Fair play isn't on Severus' mind.

Unpleasant Scene, An (PG; Lily Luna, Aunt Luna, Lily Luna's Dad, and a filthy Death Eater; 875 words): Lily Luna's getting to be a bit too clever for her own good.

Up to No Good at the Garden Party (G; Rose, Hugo, and Uncle Sev; 100 words)

Up to Revenge at the Garden Party (PG-13; Snuna, implied Drarry; 100 words)

Useful Tool, A (R; Perverus; 394 words)

Wealth of Daughters, A (PG; Mr Ollivander, Luna Lovegood, OFC; 1840 words): Oliver's problem isn't a lack of runespoor eggs but one of sons, or so he thinks until Luna presents him with an unexpected solution.

July (11 items; 757 words)

Ol' Entice (PG, Harry, OFC, Lockhart; 657 words): Gilderoy Lockhart's horse has wings, and someone's on a thestral.

Snarry in Ten Words (Various ratings; Snarry; 10 words each): 10 ten-word Snarry stories.

August (one item; 1705 words)

Anatomy of a Pest (G; implied Scorpius/Rose; 1705 words): Scorpius finds himself with a Horklump-related concern and takes steps to see to it that he isn't the only one put out by it.

September (four items; 28,682 words)

Reading Season (NC-17; Severus/Hermione, others; 27,166 words): Severus and Hermione's budding romance is interrupted by cultists.

20 Random Facts about the Weasley Family's Ghoul (PG; A. Ghoul, Weasleys; 448 words)

20 Random Facts about Sacharissa Tugwood (PG-13; Sacharissa Tugwood; 500 words)

20 Random Facts about Auror Christopher March (PG-13; Original Male Character; 568 words)

I hope you found something to like. :D
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