Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Most of my news is late because, well, I've been busy.

Stay classy, David: The actor admitted he was "crying" the first time he had sex with another woman following [his] separation [from Courteney Cox]. Dude, you've got a child, one who will no doubt grow up to use the internet and find such tidbits. *shakes head*

In other, scarier, TMI-related news, have you heard about the mobile backscatter x-ray devices?

Big Brother is also watching our garbage. o.O

On an unrelated note, did you know that the purpose of the squirrel is to flip out and kill people? Do you imagine that Sugar Bush has such plans? (I'll bet Kitty does.) Or is she, like this sciurid fellow, doing what she must to get her feed on?

Speaking of hunger, well, of a sort, it seems that Karen Owen and I had different goals in college (NWS).

Kendra Phillips, an art student, also appears to have different interests; hers are seriously cool: Behold! The Chum Buddy! From the same site, I found the carstache and Big Tetris Love, as well.

Guess where decaf comes from? Some days I agree with this "science" more than I do on others, but I always enjoy my fruit.

Do you like Hyperbole and a Half? Then you might enjoy Colin's, Shower Products for Men. (Gakked from featherxquill @ LJ.)

Early Santa Dude cried at his own generosity, and rightly so!

Some dudes don't want to address their issues with other dudes.

But most dudes I know love that Star Trek was recently cited by the Texas Supreme Court!

Bored? Why not:

Learn Pittsburghese! Become the very model of a Wrimo individual! (Gakked from Erastes @ LJ.) Wear heinous hats! (There's a nifty spider hat!) Apply for the worst job in the world! Invade New Zealand! Or read more about The Continuing Adventures of Bad Fetuses!

Oh, and shiv5468 @ LJ recently posted about ImpactEarth (which allows you to calculate meteor damage and boasts an animation that wigs me out); Shog and I shouldn't be having fun with it, but we can't stop calculating.

P.S. Shog just sent me Stormtroopers' 9/11, and a 'trooper-related blooper.

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