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Links from Shog have been accruing steadily in my Next Post folder, so I thought that I should actually make one, even though I'm feeling like this.

First up, A group of ElfQuest fans with a good track-record for producing excellent web-videos have secured Elfquest creators Richard and Wendy Pini's permission to produce a fan-film based on the series.

Shog is obsessed with ruining my childhood of late. Evidence? He keeps linking me to sites such as Barby Is Bad, Bert Is Evil, and Sad Kermit (although I admit that the Sad Kermit people are brilliant).

This man's use of Kermit is also brilliant:

This is not brilliant: You're the man I hope will be beaten publicly as a warning to assholes everywhere that they should not breed.

Shog is also obsessed with Minecraft. He's not the only one who is (NWS for banner image). Some people are even pointing to Biblical support of the game. Damn you, Notch! I want my husband back!

In other news, Facebook wouldn't have been good for Superman, John Waters narrates Of Dolls and Murder, not all million dollar properties in London are happymaking (or worth the money), some games aren't as disturbing as they appear to be, and yeah, there are a lot of speculative Facebook spoofs that look to the past.

As well, the Old Spice meme hasn't yet played itself out. Grover's still playing with it—and now there's Elder Spice!

Money's tight, which probably means that Shog and I won't be having a traditional Christmas (and by "traditional," I mean the secular spending aspect of the holiday), but that still hasn't stopped him from sending me gift ideas for him. He'd really like to be building zombies with his turkey this year. Mind you, he's also thinking of others and wants to save second base, too. *snorts*

Oddly enough, he's sending me recipe ideas. Savoury Broccoli Cake, anyone? Or would you prefer cake? (This artist is brilliant, but if she'd been my child, she probably wouldn't survived to see subsequent birthdays.)

Randomly: A Star Wars site.

I'm sick—aren't we all?—and adding to that unpleasantness was the recent discovery of one of my car's windows having been smashed in. Happily, insurance and the nice guy from our local mobile auto repair shop took care of it, but I need for things to stop going wrong (*eyes Powers*)—that includes our current ant infestation (I don't know where they're coming from, but they're on crush notice: if they keep coming, I'll keep crushing them).

In between crushing and cleaning, I've been spending time at penny_lane_42's Bechdel Test Comment Fic-A-Thon. A particular favorite contribution of mine is jedibuttercup's, There Make a Garden, which features Éowyn and Arwen. I've also discovered that sun_chan's back with this gorgeous Snape illustration. Other than that, I don't have anything else fandom-related to rec because I've been trying to restore order to my home.

The girls have been helping me:

Part of restoring order has been the doing (and doing and doing) of laundry, but the other day, Shog went out the door wearing these:

When I mentioned to him that he actually had clean clothing that didn't look completely shredded, he said (of the shorts' shredded appearance), "But that's what makes them awesome."

*rolls eyes*

I hope you're all well. *huggles flist*
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