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My sole contribution to fandom in August was:

Anatomy of a Pest (G; implied Scorpius/Rose; 1705 words): Scorpius finds himself with a Horklump-related concern and takes steps to see to it that he isn't the only one put out by it.

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Now that the [info]sshg_exchange master list is up, I can reveal here that my gift to [info]emichka84 was Reading Season (NC-17; Snermione; 27,166 words): Severus and Hermione's budding romance is interrupted by cultists. Once again, I'm staggered by how appreciative and supportive the Severus Snape/Hermione Granger community is; thank you for all your kind words! (I'll be posting Reading Season to my journals and archiving it soon!)

[info]bethbethbeth's gift to me was an HP-Discworld cross-over fic called A Matter of Life and Death (PG-13; Snermione; +/- 4554 words): In the end, Death comes for us all. For Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, it came with cups of tea and offers of employment. Thank you so much, Beth! I love my gift to bits! *glee*