Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Behold, linkage!

Bear Dick Punch—alert Colbert! It's nature, so it's WS.

Cats have always understood this about themselves. WS.

Climbing kitty can climb! WS but hypnotic.

Cuban tree frog—festive and WS.

Dancing giraffes—WS and, I'm pretty sure, photoshopped, but who cares because . . . dancing giraffes!

Dog-on-squirrel, squirrel-on-dog, squirrel-on-squirrel—this isn't safe for squirrels at work but is safe for everyone else. ;)

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury—NWS, but safe for tits. Big ones.

Humboldt penguins chasing a butterfly—OMG, so cute! WS.

I don't believe this is how he makes his bed every morning. (The pic is to the left of the title upon clicking the link, which is a comment thread about the pic and probably NWS.)

Indian pole gymnastics—I'm impressed. This might not be considered safe for work, given the skimpy uniform.

Man/Tyranosaurus Rex—NWS, and just because we can render such images doesn't necessarily mean that we should, just sayin'.

Nesta has her owner trained quite well. WS.

Rancors! WS, unless it's your job to work with rancors.

Snake, not waiting—perhaps all serpents shouldn't Sort Slytherin. WS.

Trolldad is mean; I respect him for it. WS for the first few comments, but I didn't complete the thread.

Wil Quits w00tstock! WS.
Tags: links, pics, vids

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