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I'm seriously thinking about participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I'm pretty sure that I'll be baking a tomato pie today (and hashbrown casserole). It's 64°F and not humid and lovely, lovely, lovely! I had breakfast with geese this morning, I also surprised a raccoon, startled a fox, and saved an ungrateful turtle from being squashed in the street. I'm still bitter about waking up at 2 a.m.


NWS: Bukkake of the Old Republic (You'll never look at Knights of the Old Republic the same way again; don't forget your towel. Oh, and Mom was over last night and saw the page's title on her way out to the porch. "What is 'buckackee'?" she asked. "Nothing," I said. "Then why are you reading about it?" she wanted to know. "If I answered that, you'd be upset with me, Mom." Her response: "Oh, one of those things. Disgusting." She still doesn't know what bukkake is. :P)

Eating Well On $1 A Day, by Jeffrey of the Grocery Coupon Guide (WS and very cool.)

[info]jedibuttercup gives Eureka a proper zombie attack (Warning for character death and WS.)

Presidential Ham (WS unless you have a problem with presidents or ham. Somewhere on the site is a representation of the Madonna holding a ham that I'm strongly tempted to icon.)

An SMBC strip that provides yet another reason to embrace our robot overlords. (Inappropriate for work.)

What, if Anything, Is Big Bird?, by Mike Dickison (WS vid of incredible coolness!)

Right, so now that my June Drabble-a-Thon's over, I'm at loose ends (although I'm keeping up the daily ofic writing *\o/*), which is, of course, the perfect time to print GSM for rereading towards its completion and not the time to discover that I'm out of fucking ink. *annoyed* No worries; I'll buy ink as soon as I find an office supply store that carries mine. The Best Buy, conveniently located only minutes away, does not carry my printer's ink. *v. annoyed*

I'm rethinking that tomato pie. I have loads of fresh basil and good olive oil and feta cheese and OMG, why don't I have kalamata olives?! *plans trip to Whole Foods*

My apartment is a shambles of unpacked boxes and dirty laundry, and all I want, besides ink and olives and someone to procure these things for me, is to crawl back into bed—but if I do that, I'll be up at some ridiculous hour again tomorrow, so it's off to the grocery store for me.

P.S. LJ's still not sending me comment notifications; is this happening to anyone else? >:(
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