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Monthly Wrap-Up: June

My June Drabble-a-Thon was fun (and it resulted in a total word count of 35,914! Thank you, everyone who prompted me and commented on the offerings. *smooches*

Arrangement, The (R; Snuna; 2500 words): Their Arrangement is only one of myriad reasons that Severus and Luna's marriage works.

Assessing Payment (PG; implied Severus/Bill; 100 words)

Brotherly Love (G; Fred, others; 365 words)

Catching Luna (PG; Harry/Luna; 971 words): Harry finds that catching Luna is a one-part process.

Death, with Benefits (PG-13; Lucius/Hermione, implied Lucius/Hermione/Severus; 400 words): Severus arranges a holiday for himself, Lucius, and Hermione; no one sleeps.

Demonstration of Teamwork, A (PG-13; Kingsley, OMC, OFC, Severus, Filius, Minerva, and Pomona; 1913 words): Kingsley's approval of a Ministry programme is met with disapproval by a team of disgruntled staffers.

End to Whinging, An (PG; Harry, Severus, Ron, Molly; 2265 words): Snape and Harry are too caught up in their arguments to diagnose just why they're fighting—until someone provides them with a cup of cure.

Further Study (G; Neville, Hannah; 400 words): Neville doesn't know enough about flowers.

Going Forward (PG; Severus, Hermione, Original Female Character; 500 words): With Hermione's support, Severus takes action after an instance of bullying.

Hoping for a Cure (PG; Luna and Severus; 400 words): It isn't Wrackspurts, but it might as well be.

Housemothering (PG; Tonks, Hermione, Severus; 1200 words): Tonks distracts herself from her own grim mood by playing housemother.

How to Properly Secure Eggs (NC-17; Snarry, Original Snake; 529 words): It should be obvious to everyone that all snakes would Sort Slytherin.

Ill-Informed Vow, The (G; Regulus; 300 words)

Implied Balance, An (PG-13; Luna/Draco, other characters and pairings; 2052 words): Inspired by a goblin legend, Luna restores the balance of her heart.

It Takes a Kitty (Mild NC-17; Severus/Harry/Luna; 1172 words): After Severus has an accident, Luna and Harry "adopt" him.

It Takes a Village (PG; Jamie Potter and his family; 2683 words): Jamie Potter doesn't want to be Sorted at all; certain members of his family take steps to ensure that he is.

Kiss of Life (PG-13; Bill/Fleur; 150 words)

Meeting the Moon (NC-17; Severus/Luna/Lucius and permutations thereof, implied other relationships; 1489 words): Lucius repays a life debt and takes up a challenge.

More than Flowers (G; Snermione; 1500 words): Hermione receives more than flowers from Severus on their fourteenth anniversary.

Nott Option, The (PG-13; Severus/Daphne; 3030 words): There are three reasons that Mrs Nott isn't a romantic option for Severus. They're all rubbish, of course.

One for the Pensieve (R; Luna/Draco; 3047 words): Seeking to atone, Draco finds Luna and discovers more than he imagined possible.

Pillow Thoughts (R; Kingsley/Severus; 100 words)

Potion-Soaked Vow, A (PG-13; Ginny, Severus, Harry; 1530 words): That the apple doesn't fall far from the tree is a beautiful thing under the right circumstances.

Puffskein Plan, The (PG-13; Snarry, others; 1703 words): Severus brews up trouble by employing puffskeins.

Quirrell in the Library (PG; Pince, Quirrell, Zabini, Greengrass, and Snape; 455 words): Severus' suspicions are aroused when he spies Professor Quirrell paying too much attention to his Slytherins.

Repudiation and Prayer (G; Andromeda Black; 305 words)

Secret Society (R; Xenophilius/Lucius; 550 words): Lucius' curiosity isn't satisfied in quite the manner he intends.

Talionic Tonic, A (PG; Severus/Hermione/Luna; 100 words)

Turn About (R; implied Lucius/Severus, Severus/Lucius, and Harry/Severus; 896 words): Fair play isn't on Severus' mind.

Unpleasant Scene, An (PG; Lily Luna, Aunt Luna, Lily Luna's Dad, and a filthy Death Eater; 875 words): Lily Luna's getting to be a bit too clever for her own good.

Up to No Good at the Garden Party (G; Rose, Hugo, and Uncle Sev; 100 words)

Up to Revenge at the Garden Party (PG-13; Snuna, implied Drarry; 100 words)

Useful Tool, A (R; Perverus; 394 words)

Wealth of Daughters, A (PG; Mr Ollivander, Luna Lovegood, OFC; 1840 words): Oliver's problem isn't a lack of runespoor eggs but one of sons, or so he thinks until Luna presents him with an unexpected solution.