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Magical Beings and Creatures: A List of Group Names

Today's June prompt answer may be read at Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal, and LiveJournal; it's for Shiv. After posting it, I started thinking about group names for magical beings and creatures. In my personal canon, there are dirges of Jobberknolls and horrors or harpies; here's my working, incomplete list of other group names for magical beings and creatures.

  • banshees, a wail of

  • biting fairies, a gnash of

  • crows, a cacophany of (instead of a murder of crows, which I expect that wizards would also use)

  • crups, a cuteness of (because they're fierce toward Muggles, and I think wizards would enjoy the irony of the name)

  • Dementors, a Death of

  • Doxies, a Damning of (Doxies are biting fairies)

  • erklings, a lilt of

  • erumpents, an explosion of

  • flobberworms, a flop of

  • fwoopers, a flap of/a madness of

  • ghouls, a gruesomeness of

  • glumbumbles, a glum of/a glumness of

  • gnomes (garden), a knot of/an annoyance of

  • griffins, a greatness of

  • grims, a ghost of

  • grindylows, a grasp of/a grasping of

  • hags, a harrying of/a hatred of/a hunger of

  • harpies, a horror of

  • hellhounds, a heat of

  • hinkypunks, a hop of

  • Inferi, a Rot of

  • jobberknolls, a dirge of

  • kappas, a captivation of

  • knarls, a nastiness of

  • kneazles, a sneeze of/a kneading of

  • leprechauns, a luck of

  • lethifolds, a smothering of/a death of

  • lobalugs, a burst of/a spout of/a spouting of

  • manticores, a menace of/an inhumanity of

  • mokes, a mote of

  • mooncalves, a waltz of

  • mummies, a curse of

  • murtlaps, a salve of

  • nifflers, a nosing of, a dig of

  • nogtails, a suckling of, a suck of

  • nundu, a nightmare of (I'm assuming that nundu is to moose in terms of its plural form)

  • nymphs, a nattering of (derogatory)

  • pixie, a pest of/a pestering of/a pestilence of

  • plimpies, a bind of

  • pogrebin, a hopelessness of/a despair of

  • porlocks, a grooming of/a shyness of/a wealth of

  • puffskeins, a fluff of/a lick of/a purring of

  • Red Caps, a Wreaking of/a Wrath of

  • Re'em, a Stubborness of (I'm assuming that re'em is to nundu in terms of its plural form)

  • sirens, a lure of

  • shrakes, a spine of

  • slugs(flesh-eating), a slide of/a slip of/a slipperiness of

  • snidgets, a snatch of

  • sphinxes, a riddle of

  • thestrals, a death of/a mourning of

  • trolls (general), a truculence of

  • trolls (mountain), a crash of

  • trolls (river), a splash of

  • unicorns, a purity of

  • vampires, a suck of (derogatory)

  • Veela, a Vexation of (derogatory).

  • Please feel free to add to the list, or to offer other suggestions for the listed beings and creatures' group names. :D
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