Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Kiss of Life (PG-13; Bill/Fleur; 150 words)

This one's for me because I'm really tired of seeing Fleur portrayed as a delicate flower (or as a shrew who drives Bill away).

Kiss of Life (PG-13; Bill/Fleur; 150 words)

Curses flew at Bill as he ducked towards the ground into a roll and came up casting a defensive hex that pushed back his pursuers, leaving only one Death Eater on his feet before him. Bill's next spell caught him square in the chest as a shriek rent the air above him. He was on the trembling ground again before he realised he'd been knocked down, and scrambling to retrieve his wand, he saw what had done it: a magnificent white bird with terrible talons ripping open the chest of the foe he'd missed.

There were giants coming, and Bill should have been trying to orient himself with regard to their progress, but he found himself too turned on to move . . . until his avian protector transformed.

"Stupeed!" Fleur shouted, blood flying from her lips as she strode forward and smacked him with a begored hand. "You could 'ave been ki—"
Tags: bill weasley, bill/fleur, drabbles/ficlets, fleur delacour

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