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[info]calmingshoggoth prompted me with Professor Quirinus Quirrell: Quaffle and quadrumanous. Quiet in the library!

Quirrell in the Library (PG; Pince, Quirrell, Zabini, Greengrass, and Snape; 455 words): Severus' suspicions are aroused when he spies Professor Quirrell paying too much attention to his Slytherins.

"Quiet in the library!"

Severus, alerted to the disturbance by Madam Pince's irritated snapping, is almost as annoyed as the librarian to see Professor Quirrell engaged in an animated conversation with Zabini and Greengrass, particularly because Pince's admonition has no effect on any of them. He hides behind a bookcase, sliding a few books out of the way to make a gap, and spies on them.

"That's right. Melvin Pod—dlemoore was b—banned from Quidditch for his use of a ch—charm that turned him quad—quad—rumanous. That year was also the same one in which it became m—mandatory to wear footwear during the g—games."

Severus doesn't like the way Quirrell is looking at Zabini. No matter Greengrass' questions, his eyes never leave the boy's.

"Yes, Daphne, that's exactly why he em—employed the charm. He wasn't able to handle the Qua—auffle and his broom at the same t—time—he played long before the invention of G—gripping Charms—so he needed to use his feet as hands in order not to take a spill."

"I hate cheats."

"So do I, B—laise."

First names, Severus thinks, disapprovingly. What's he up to?

"—be off back to the common room. I'm meeting Theo to study."

"Flitwick's class?" asks Zabini.

Greengrass nods and leaves them. Quirrell's eye twitches.

"Well n—now, did you know that P—professor Snape enjoys Quid—ditch?"

"Of course, sir. We all do."

Quirrell leans forward, towards Blaise and Severus both, though he doesn't know it, and suddenly, Severus understands the reason for his colleague's concentration.

"Wh—what else can you t—tell me about your Head of—of House?"

Severus is around the shelf and standing by the table before Quirrell receives his answer; Zabini looks stricken, no matter that he's done nothing wrong, but Severus glares at him anyway.

"If you have nothing better to do than natter on about a sport you don't even play, Mr Zabini, I would suggest that you return to the common room."

"Yes, sir."

"R—eally, Severus, the boy and I were—"

"What has you so interested in me, Quirrell?"

"What? Why, n—nothing." Quirrell's eye twitches rather more rapidly than usually, and he adjusts his poncy purple turban.

"You and I," Severus hisses, leaning down to glare into Quirrell's face, "will have a problem if you don't leave my Slytherins alone. I don't know what strange 'habits' you picked up in your travels, but—"

"H—how dare you!"

Severus smirks. He doesn't truly believe Quirrell to be a paedophile, but the threat of calling him out as one should be enough to make the Legilimency using bastard stay away from his students. "I'll dare far more if I must. Just remember: leave my Slytherins alone."

That stuttering bastard bears watching, Severus thinks, sweeping from the library in a billow of robes.


Jun. 13th, 2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
Love it! Fits perfectly into canon.
Jun. 14th, 2010 11:41 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D