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A Hot Meal (PG; Snermione; 100 words)

I took Snermione prompts an age ago, and this is the last answer.

5. calmingshoggoth prompted me with porridge.

A Hot Meal (PG; Snermione; 100 words)

Severus was annoyed. On his nights to cook when he had to work late, he frequently left Hermione a savoury stew, so it didn't seem fair that she had left him porridge after promising him a "hot meal."

The door opened unexpectedly. "Severus?"


Hermione laughed and embraced him. "I was planning on using it as a moisturising mask before you got home, but you were a bit earlier than I thought you'd be."

"What of this 'hot meal' you promised?"

Hermione pulled back and raised an eyebrow at him. "It was supposed to be a hot, soft meal."



May. 13th, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
Hi, this has absolutely nothing to do with your drabble, but I have been reading at the Snuna fest all day, and it has filled my heart with squishy joy. So many treasures there. What a wonderful fest, hon ♥
May. 13th, 2010 09:07 pm (UTC)

So much yay! I'm happy to know that you've been enjoying yourself. :D