Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
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Linkspam: miscellaneous

My husband is v. good about distracting me from pain (but physical therapy's a godsend, I must say). Now, in no particular order, These are the last of the links that Shog's sent lately:

In Russia sometimes they dare to have wild animals like pets. (Warning: Animal eating another animal in some pics; scroll to see all pics.)

Tiny kittens!

Vader has issues.

Cool dog costume.

A bear and his teddy.

Spock employs a Vulcan pick-up line.

Star Wars: Burlesque style (NWS).

In case of emergency . . . .

Is that a brain slug on your cupcake?

This one doesn't come with a warning; let's just say that outside of the HP fandom, there's plenty of deviancy at play (and the comments in reply to this post are worth a read). *whistles*

LEGO Rebel Frigate!

Duck penises (WS, actually).

Baby duck!

Googly Eye Breakfast.

What really happened: a pictorial story. ;)

Puff the Magic Dragon Cake.

Legibility and correct punctuation is just how this dude rolls.

P.S. [info]hp_beholder has opened sign-ups!
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