Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

*gets her geek on*

I missed Penguin Awareness Day! (So did this fuzzy one. *g*) Of course, I only learned about it the day after it took place, so I can't be too bummed—and I still have World Penguin Day to look forward to this year. :)

Browsing randomly, I found the answer to the question, What has been the most effective occult book or online resource for a strong foundation in high Magik? (It's the first response.) And here I've always thought that it was The Joy of Cooking. ;)

Speaking of cooking, have you ever wanted to make your own googly eyes? Or Snickerthulhu? (Under Vhoorl's Shadow looks like a really cool blog.)

Another interesting site that I just found while looking for pictures of shoggoths is the Temple of Dagon. It's a shame that Lovecraft wasn't more popular when he was alive. Someone's even found a cute way to cross his mythos with Star Wars! And there's jewelry! CTHULHU FHTAGN ANOTHER CHEEZBURGER? (There is even Lovecraftian cross-over fic with Star Trek, but I'm not feeling brave enough to read that just now. I will, however, be putting this tentacular headgear on my Christmas wish list for next year.)

OMG, Shog just emailed me the best link! Cool people getting married—their love is so preview-y!

Shog also sent me a link to pictures of a kitten and a parakeet. So cute!

But who needs cute when one can be both crass and protected—right where one needs it? (Not quite WS.) Being a purist, I'd rather have this Elder Sigil on my knickers, but the mythos is big enough to support both signs (and no, I'm not talking about my ass when I say "mythos").

Have some RPG motivational posters. Is it wrong that I laughed at "Fate Points"? Too soon, perhaps? Stay crazy, Steve! *meeps; misses him*

*cheers self with not quite WS Star Wars fan video*

And I leave you with one more vid along those lines, but a WS one, Your Lightsaber and You!
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