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2009 Harry Potter Random Facts Fest Master List

I apologize for the delay in posting this master list; life's been rather full of late.

Round Five of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest is now closed. 27 splendid meme entries were submitted!

Black, Regulus: By nopejr, here.

Black, Sirius: By nopejr, here.

Davies, Audrey: By darkhairedgirl, here.

Dursley, Dudley: By nopejr: here.

Dursley, Petunia: By jackiejlh, here.

Evans, Lily and Severus Snape: By [info]pocochina, here.

Finnigan, Seamus: By l3petitemort, here.

Granger, Mr.: By [info]miramira, here.

Greengrass, Asteria/Astoria: By darkhairedgirl, here.

Hooch, Rolanda (and . . . Minerva McGonagall): By jackiejlh, here.

Longbottom, Neville: By soberloki, here.

Lovegood, Luna: By inksmudged, here.

Lupin, Teddy: By runningsissors, here.

Malfoy, Draco and Hermione Granger: By little_murmurs, here.

Malfoy, Scorpius: By arynwy, here.

McGonagall, Minerva: By inspired_ideas, here,

and by jackiejlh, here.

Moody, Alastor: By: [info]miramira, here.

Perks, Sally-Anne: By magikcat112, here.

Potter, Harry and Padma: By bk03, here.

Scamander, Lysander: By gala_apples, here.

Trelawney, Sybill: By jackiejlh, here,

and by shiv5468, here.

Weasley, Hugo: By xxx_angelin_xxx, here.

Weasley, Percy: By [info]miramira, here.

Weasley, Rose: By little_murmurs, here.

Thank you, participants! ♥
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