Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Monthly Wrap-Up: November

A Brief Exercise in Self-Occlumency (PG-13; Severus Snape; 2790 words): Severus reflects upon his failures and vows not to fail a little girl who doesn't know what he is.

Kitchen Craft (PG-13; Ron/Hermione; 400 words): Ron lures Hermione home with four portions.

Ignis et Ignoscentia: (NC-17; Lucius/Charlie; 5050 words): Charlie is used to dealing with passionate, dangerous creatures, but he's never before experienced Lucius Malfoy during mating season.

The following works were originally posted under the sub-pseudonyms of ouphe (DW) and an_ouphe (LJ):

Ravenclaws Do It by the Book (G; Severus, Luna, OMC; 100 words): fodirteg prompted me with Luna: purple, confidence, gurdy root.

The Tick-Tock of Fatherhood (G; Neville, Mrs Weasley; 200 words): vegablack62 prompted me with Neville, Orange, bemused, Weasley grandfather clock with nine golden hands that told the condition of its members. AU.

Splintering (PG; Narcissa, Lucius; 235 words): lalaith_niniel prompted me with Lucius: purple, envy, ever-bashing boomering.

Fraternal Order (PG-13; George, Percy; 470 words): soberloki prompted me with George: red, despair, non-explodable luminous balloon.

Clarity without Mirrors (PG; Luna Lovegood; 1830 words): A ten-year-old Luna teaches herself to scry (and banishes a "demon" in the process).
Tags: monthly wrap-up

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