Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Chocolate! (And other happy things.)

Today, I discovered the excellence that is Chocolove's dark chocolate and crystalized ginger candy bar; truly, it's one of the best things that I've ever put in my mouth. *drags your minds out of various gutters and toward chocolate* I highly recommend Chocolove! Before that, I picked up from the leasing office both my laptop—my laptop!—and the penguin that leela_cat sent me. *flails with Chocolovian, Cadfaelian, and spheniscidine joy* No, truly, I am aflail with adjectival joy! *is aflail* Thank you, Leela! *smooches you*

And it's cool outside; tomorrow, there will be writing! *bounces*

Okay, I'll stop asterisking at you, I will; I'm just happy. I haven't been this happy in weeks. But wait! There's more. Shog's just told me that they're working on a robotic shoggoth, a "jambot," if you will! I'm very excited about this, as is Shog. If you harbor dreams of world domination, so should you be. ;)

Other links from Shog include a how-not-to-tell-your-boyfriend-that-you're-a-werewolf picture (tell your own story; that one's mine :P); a cool but nevertheless "dressing up" moment involving someone's poor cat (I can't imagine that Kitty approved of the process, you know?); a delightful photo essay involving a feline-canine friendship; an indignant, rescued owl (some of these pics demand to be icon-ed!); an absolutely brilliant vampire bite (knitted) necklace (which I would have killed for back in my gothling days; having long since embraced my inner dom!goth, I'm now incapable of even appearing to be someone's blood doll); and finally, for those of you who can stand the thought that it might be bunnies, Disapproving Rabbits. :D

Also? There were many shitty, emotionally exacting moments for both Shog and I today, but during the worst of them, he made me laugh hysterically by saying something "unforgivably" wrong at precisely the right time, Eris bless him. (Actually, I suppose that I shouldn't be thanking Shog by drawing Eris' notice to him, should I? Oh, fnord—shh!)

Okay, I call an end to silliness; posting this has pretty much exhausted me—but hey, happiness! It needs sharing. ♥
Tags: life, links, thanks, vids

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