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Procrastination is love! *shares links*

I've just discovered lechatron's El Jay Icon Maker. *points to her shiny new icon* You say potato, I say cock! (But then, don't we all?)

Here's why it might be fun to be a Speleologist: 10 Incredible Underground Lakes and Rivers.

20 Outstanding Examples of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Origami: Yoda FtW!

I squeed a bit when I saw these: 25 Extremely Rare Star Wars Photos.

Powerpig (links to his RedBubble profile) also brings the Star Wars love with Infiltration. *geeks out*

Hamlet Was Nuts, Zombies Are Nuts About Brains, and I love Terry Border. Oh, and his book, Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things, is now available for pre-order! *wants*

Emma Hack is another intriguing (body!) artist; check out the cowscapes in her portfolio! (Navigation: From the main page, click Portfolio, Skip Intro, Galleries, Body Art, Exhibitions, Cowscapes, Cowscapes again, and then Images.)

I love a good hedge maze, so finding ten of them was cool!

The Russian Begging Cat's story is both sweet and sad.

In Soviet Russia, herring eats you! (Don't look at this before or while eating!)

I'm sure that Luna has gone In Search of the Mongolian Death Worm. (Earlier today, I posted fic about her having gone after Severus.)

The Shweeb looks like fun!

Steampunk Tableware is v. cool!

Help Save the Words? I made an abecedarian list of ones that I may adopt (a few of them came from The Phrontistery); quite a few of these would make useful prompts and have other fic-related purposes:

Amarulence (n.): bitterness; spite; scorn.
Batraquomancy (n.): divination using frogs or toads.
Callipygian (adj.): having well-shaped buttocks.
Divinipotent (adj.): having strong divinatory powers.
Eleutherian (adj.): freedom-giving.
Florisugent (adj.): sucking honey from flowers.
Gumfiate (v.): to cause to swell.
Hirquitalliency (n.): strength of voice.
Iamatology (n.): the study of remedies.
Jussulent (adj.): full of broth or soup.
Knissomancy (n.): divination using burning incense.
Lubency (n.): willingness, pleasure.
Magistricide (n.): the killing of a teacher or master.
Nerterology (n.): learning relating to the dead or the underworld.
Orgiophant (n.): a person in charge of orgies.
Pandiculation (n): yawning and stretching (as when first waking up).
Quibbleism (n.): the act of beating around the bush.
Redamancy (n.): the act of loving in return.
Sparsile (adj.): of a star, not included in any constellation.
Tristifical (adj.): gloomy or grievous.
Undeify (v.): to deprive of the nature of a god.
Vacivity (n.): emptiness.
Writative (adj.): characterized by an inclination to write.
Xenization (n.): the act of traveling as a stranger.
Ylem (n.): in alchemy, the substance from which the elements developed.
Zoetic (adj.): of or pertaining to life; living; vital.

Bonus Words

Graocracy (n.): government by an old woman or women.
Karezza (n.): prolonged sex avoiding orgasm.
Kreatophagia (n.): the eating of raw meat.
Latibule (n.): hiding place.
Magastromancy (n.): magical astrology.
Magophony (n.): massacre or magi or priests.
Molrowing (n.): the act of making merry with prostitutes.
Panchymagogue (n.): medicine purging bodily fluids from the body.
Pregnatress (n.): female power that generates or gives birth to something.
Resarciate (v.): to make amends.
Sevidical (adj.): speaking cruel and harsh words. (This could be utible as a Severus-related pun!)
Thysiastery (n.): sacrificial altar.
Tortiloquy (n.): a dishonest or immoral speech.
Utible (adj.): useful.
Vampirarchy (n.): set of rulers comparable to vampires; government by vampires.
Venustation (n.): the act of causing to become beautiful or handsome.
Xenagogue (n): guide; someone who conducts strangers.
Yantra (n.): geometrical diagram designed as a meditation aid.
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