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Around fandom . . .

art by accioslash and banner by swtalmnd

eeyore9990 has started the ♥ a Lurker meme for people to give love to those who do not self-identify as authors or artists, but who never fail to leave words of love and appreciation on the fic and art that constantly flow through fandom. The meme is mirrored at InsaneJournal.

[info]fall_fantasia is returning for Round Three!

florahart can write anything (Kirk/HTML)!

Mary Robinette Kowal asks, Dumbledore Is Gay, So Where's Fantasy's Pride Festival?

I'm still giggling over John Scalzi's Guide to the Most Epic FAILs in Star Wars Design (and I can't wait to read his take on Star Trek's FAILs).

scowling_hermit has set up bean_hollow to showcase her excellent photography.

zephre tweeted about these Twisted Princesses (not safe for young children); my favorite one is Snow White.
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