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"Absolutely everyone can come inside" . . . for recs and links.

Writer's block notwithstanding, I'm feeling pretty decent since my surgery (unfortunately, I've got to go back for a second one at the end of the month *shakes fist*). No matter—have some recs:

andreanna's Girl!Harry Snarry comic, Shifting (PG-13) is love!

ninkasa's fic, By Her (PG; 1627 words), is a sweet bit of Draco/Luna.

torino10154's fic, Wizard Seeking Wizard, No Strings Attached (R; Surprise Slash Pairing; 1400 words), features excellent use of misdirection.

vikingcarrot's Snermione pic (G; second image in post) is beautiful.

Birds of prey know they're cool (WS image).

Bent Objects's Terry Border gets slashy (mildly NWS image).

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale at World Science Festival 2009 (WS vid).

The Shark bean bag chair (WS barring shark phobia)—Shog wants one, but I think our nieces will be receiving one before he does. ;)

Shog also wants to take a random road trip (WS article) based on 1d4 rolls. I think that would be fabu!

Simon's Cat in Fly Guy (WS vid).

And have any of you heard of the singer called Storm Large (her official site)? Well, Shog introduced me to her via a music video (which isn't WS, but it sure as hell should be!); her vagina is eight miles wide, y'all!

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