Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Monthly Wrap-Up: June

A Right Neat Sweeping (PG-13; Snuna; 5000 words): Severus and Luna are swept together by a besom blessing.

Fatherhood as an Antidote to Doubt (PG-13; Snuna; 2850 words): Severus endures his own labour pains while helping Luna through hers.

Two Plans towards Kindness and Loud Growling (R; Snuna; 5000 words): Severus finds himself in a Situation that Luna, because of her own concerns, is only too eager to help him resolve.

A Fairytale Ending (NC-17; Drapery, Snarry, Draco/OFC; 1300 words): Severus is saved from Nagini's bite by an ugly hag who yearns to be "witch-beautiful," and together, neither of them ends up alone.

Coming 'Round (NC-17; Neville/Draco; 961 words): Neville discovers a reason to like Draco.

A Study of Animate Objects (PG-13; Luna/George, others implied; 3255 words): Some scholarship is personal.

Friendly Interference (PG; Chapel, Spock, McCoy; 570 words): Christine is never too tired to promote team cohesion.

A Toast of Their Own (G; Ginny/Luna; 225 words): The prompt was champagne.

An Unusually Bold Coruscation (PG; Neville, Luna; 940 words): While in the Forbidden Forest on detention with Luna, Neville learns something about fairies—and hope.

Sorting Things Out (PG; Daphne and Astoria Greengrass, Mrs Greengrass, Professor Snape; 2000 words): Daphne sorts out her sister's best friend and finds one of her own on the day that she first leaves for Hogwarts.

What Happens in the Nursery, Stays in the Nursery (G; Snermione, OMC; 830 words): Hermione and Severus share a light, albeit untidy and seriously unhygienic, moment in their son's nursery.
Tags: monthly wrap-up

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