Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Archie and . . .

On the off chance that any of you are interested in but don't yet know to whom Archie has proposed, don't click on this cut.

If this is true, than Archie is an idiot. Personally, I think he's just practicing here, with Veronica along for moral support and ring approval, but Shog keeps saying, "These are financially challenging times." *annoyed*

Yes, I'm really concerned about this. I grew up reading Archie, as did my mother. She'll be powerfully annoyed.

In other news, I read seven newspapers and thirteen articles today while doing laundry. I love Arts & Letters Daily! I was also trapped under the umbrella on my porch during a violent thunder storm this afternoon; it was exciting, really, until the lightning struck the ground just over my railing. o.O And the Wii Fit thinks I'm 27. *huggles it* I'm not doing much training, but I take the body test every day; do any of you have a Wii Fit? Does the "Oh!" when you step on the board piss you off, too? *snorts*

Lastly, a poll because I was asked yesterday why I willingly surrendered my "BNF-dom." *snorts loudly*

Poll #1407447 BNF-dom and you!
This poll is closed.

I keep a big flist because I'm

really chatty and have time to read 500+ journals.
a BNF, and my flist size is how I advertise that fact.
too lazy to trim the journals I no longer read.
not willing to unflock on LJ and don't want to exclude people from reading my journal.
sure that it would hurt people's feelings if I were to defriend their journals.
an evil, information-gathering bot!
I picked my old reason for not trimming my flist; obviously, I got over that—but I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by conducting my recent purge. Size is relative, of course, but 244 137 journals are much easier to manage than 903, and I miss knowing who is on my flist.
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