Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Random post is random

The Random Title Generator provided me with the following:

Elemental Consort (which wants to be incubus!fic),
The Red Sliver (which wants to be a horror fic),
Soul of Stone (which wants to be a fic about unrequited love),
The Rings's Flight (which doesn't want to go the way of Tolkien but to be about a secret society),
The Boy of the Mage (which would like to be filthy, AR/AU, and would work as a Snarry),
and Sorcerer in the Moon (which wants to be a wizarding fairytale for children).

I'm sad that I don't have time to write any of these, but I'm saving them for when I do.

But first, a rec (and a revisited one): Skirting the Edge (NC-17; Snarry): Snape, Harry, bed. jin_fenghuang is playing with the tablet, which means great Snarry joy for us. :D Also, that fic I recced the other day? The Kingsley/Lucius? Well, the hpvalensmut reveals are up and now I know that Standing Reminder was written by florahart! Awesome fic, Flora!

Even though I'm old now, I can still hear the "teenager tone":

Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

And I don't know why I'm taking so many meme quizzes (I usually don't), but according to the Harry Potter Wand Test, mine is a 10" willow wood one with a Veela hair core. I'm tickled by this, probably more than I should be. It may be the wine. ;) It could also be that while nine inches will please a lady, ten inches will enchant her. *snorts*

I've been browsing my flist again after weeks of not, and it's good. I have, however, added about fifteen fics to my to-reads. Sometime soon, I owe myself a weekend of reading.

Lastly, I can haz blizzard, even if I don't wants it. The snow is beautiful, but provisions are low here. I'll have to head out after rush hour tomorrow and hope for the best. I hope that everyone's staying warm and snuggly. *♥'s flist*
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